Crystal Science: Aquamarine

Crystal Science Aquamarine

1. Five Elements

The five elements of aquamarine belong to the water, so it is most suitable for people who like water in the five elements to use or wear. Of course, it is more suitable for people who need to use language and talk at work.

2. Spiritual

In spiritual practice, the throat is a transfer station of mental and physical power, so it will help those who are doing spiritual practice to achieve overall progress, and of course, it can also improve personal understanding.

3. The effect of purifying the heart

When you feel that your mind is confused and can’t make up your mind, you can use aquamarine on your forehead to meditate. Of course, you can also gently scrape the back of the head and the back of the neck. This helps to purify brain energy, quickly restore fresh thinking and can improve awareness and psychic abilities.

4. The role of self-confidence

Aquamarine is known as the stone of the brave and is also seen as a symbol of happiness and embracing youth. Of course, many countries in the world believe that aquamarine is the lucky stone for those born in March in the Gregorian calendar. It symbolizes composure, bravery and intelligence. For those who are prone to retreat when faced with difficulties, wearing aquamarine can give them the function of foresight and firm confidence.

5. Safety

Wearing aquamarine across the ocean is said to make the sea calm and has the effect of a safe journey.

6. Health

Aquamarine is beneficial to people’s ability to express, language, comprehension and throat health. For colds, respiratory tract pain, inflammation, toothache, etc., you can use aquamarine to lay flat on the top or stroke it to help relieve pain. Of course, it also has the power to hypnotize and suppress evil, so its magical effect has become the most valuable thing in the pharmaceutical industry. However, it should also be noted that water soaked in aquamarine can cure eye diseases and hiccups.

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