Taboo for wearing crystals? Don’t wear it wrong (Pt. I)

Is there a taboo for wearing crystals? Don’t wear it wrong!

Many people only know that wearing crystals is good. They spent a lot of time doing a lot of research before they bought their beloved crystals. But can you wear it casually after you buy your favorite crystal? The answer is no! In fact, we should also understand when the crystal should be worn or not. This article will teach you how to wear a crystal properly.

1. Do I need to take off the crystal when I sleep?

Yes. There are three reasons:

(1) Because the crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy to protect the owner, it absorbs negative energy during the day, so at night, it needs time to recover.

(2) It should be placed in the cluster and rested well. If you don’t have a crystal cluster at home, put it in a quiet place, such as with a crystal demagnetizer. Or put it on the balcony and let it come into contact with nature, which can also achieve the purpose of purification.

(3) When a person is in a deep sleep, he enters a state of subconscious activity, and the sensitivity of the feeling will be relatively improved. At this time, the energy of the crystal stone may become powerful and abnormal, which is not good for the body.

2. Except sleep aid crystals

(1) Tea crystal is a representative of stable crystals. Wearing citrine hand beads can improve anxiety and relieve symptoms of insomnia. Also, remember to wear it on your left hand.

(2) Moonstone has the functions of weight loss, sleep, beauty, attracting the opposite sex, changing people’s eating habits, etc., to achieve weight loss. It can help people fall asleep peacefully, improve the skin, has beauty effects, and is also a kind of love stone.

(3) Amethyst. We know that amethyst can protect love, but we don’t know that it can also help improve the effect of insomnia, which can help eliminate insomnia and increase sleep quality. However, it should be noted that if the stone usually sleeps normally, or the person who has very strong energy wears amethyst, it may have the opposite effect, such as being more energetic and unable to fall asleep. Simply placing amethyst jewelry under your pillow can relieve insomnia.

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