Taboo for wearing crystals? Don’t wear it wrong! (Pt.II)


Is there a taboo for wearing crystals? But don’t wear it wrong! (the second part)

3. It is not recommended to wear crystals when bathing or useful. We all know that bathing and swimming will not affect the crystal. The bath liquid will not harm the crystal either, because the crystal will not react with acids or bases in a non-hot environment. So why is it best not to wear crystals when bathing and swimming? Because there will be collisions and pulls during the movement, the crystal is fragile, and if you accidentally break the line, it will be difficult to handle.

4. These places are not suitable for wearing crystals.

In hospitals, cemeteries, garbage dumps, it is best not to wear crystals. Because the crystal will absorb the energy around, and there are more negative energies in these places, the crystal, especially the white crystal, is more susceptible to pollution. So try to do a cleaning and degaussing when you come back from these places. If you are working in a hospital or a cemetery wearing crystals, remember to soak them in water with demagnetizers before you wear them when you get home from get off work. However, black crystals such as obsidian, black agate, and black tourmaline can be worn. For example, obsidian itself has the effect of exorcising evil spirits.

5. Crystals can be worn with other accessories.

They do not conflict with each other, even from an aesthetic point of view. There are good people who like to buy their own crystals and gold and silver accessories and wear them together. They think it is very beautiful. However, it should be noted that the hardness of crystal is higher than that of gold and silver. After a long time, the friction will cause the gold and silver to turn black, so it should be wiped frequently. Also, it doesn’t matter if you wear crystal and jade on the same hand, they won’t have a bad effect directly.

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